Seven steps in the face of fierce competition LED display ma


LED display companies mainly in energy conservation and environmental protection advantages of spring growth, even to the extent of the flood. And the LED display market competition condition, the most high-end product market share to foreign businesses. In the face of fierce market competition, LED display manufacturers can consider from the following seven aspects the challenge:

1. LED display in China should grasp the product intelligent, digital, fully automated, development direction of energy saving and environmental protection.

2. Strengthen the product propaganda and strengthen the display and exhibition, media propaganda work.

3. Pay attention to brand strategy and product strategy. Sober understanding of the enterprise status in the whole industry chain, pooling resources, do your best advantage products.

4. In view of the marketing strategy of different products, adopt different marketing methods and strategies.

5. Enough to recognize and grasp the product target market. Because the target market is not clear, lead to the production of the enterprise planning, research and development direction, which is difficult to get enough space for development.

6. Clear business objectives can be realized. Combined with the short-term and long-term development of the enterprise strategy, respectively set up in accordance with the actual business objectives.

7. Technology research and development of new products and improve the protection of intellectual property rights consciousness, a breakthrough in research and development. For processing enterprises, production technology, product appearance design, the practical patent inventions, energy conservation and environmental protection design, project implementation and other related comprehensive software and hardware implementation, etc., there are a lot of space for development.

At present our country should not only do the LED display production country, but also become the LED display production power, increase on the patent technology, product innovation and process innovation investment is the key to improve the quality of our LED display. Patent protection awareness.

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