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Apexls Bring Speed and Passion to the Auto Club in Russia

Dec. 17, 2018

Author: Apexls From: www.kszled.com Time: 2018-12-17

People love cars because of their sense of control and speed. And when the combination of automobile and LED display, it brings people super charm experience and stereo vision enjoyment.

Apexls' innovative LED display is integrated into the auto club in a unique way and becomes the focus of the auto club.

Apexls Bring Speed and Passion to the Auto Club in Russia

Apexls offered creative design for the auto club. The total screen size is more than 320 square meters, including 202 square meters of P3.91 floor LED screen, 122 square meters of P3.91 arc LED screen and two P2.5 ring screens. Floor LED screen is the design focus of this project. It has been specially designed in bearing capacity, protection performance and heat dissipation performance. It can not only adapt to people's high-intensity trampling, but also carry cars on it.

Perpendicular to the floor LED screen is an internal arc LED screen, which is very effective for gathering video and audio effects, highlighting the content of the screen, and giving the audience the visual enjoyment of the cinema with the ring screen. The screen adopts seamless technology, smooth transition of radian,  front maintenance, and high resolution.

The suspended size of two ring LED screens changes various patterns and colors , integrates with lighting, cars, tires and other elements of the scene to create a colorful world of light and shadow, giving people a full range of immersive sensory experience.

Apexls Bring Speed and Passion to the Auto Club in Russia

Apexls has fully considered the characteristics of automobile display products, the pattern of display space, the scheme design is simple, and has solved the customer's requirements on installation convenience, maintenance cost and other aspects. It not only enhances the display effect of the car, improves the viewing experience of the audience, but also shows the value of creative LED display screen.

Combining space art and product creativity, Apexls will always adhere to the deep understanding of creative LED display screen, and constantly develop high-tech LED products with unique characteristics to add more individual artistic colors to the city.

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