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Four differences between LED display and LCD display

Mar. 22, 2016

Author: Apexls From: www.kszled.com Time: 2016-03-22

structure and principles:

Light-emitting diode LED, the composition of the Led display board, each point is one or more light-emitting diode, diode controlled by the control circuit to control the point of light on and off the light, so that the entire large screen displays design.

LCD Monitor TFT LCD is the most common type, it is by the light source, liquid crystal grating, and control chips, and his bright, white light is lit, when the light through the liquid crystal grating (LCD) when the voltage changes by the direction of liquid crystal particle filter, thus changing the color and intensity of each point to show the pattern.

Four differences between LED display and LCD display


1 light-emitting diode itself, the LCD itself does not light, but transmitted light.

2 Outdoor led display, image quality in general, suitable for outdoor big screen, the price is low. LCD high cost area can not do much, but the image of good quality, suitable for display.

3 large power diodes, liquid crystal small power consumption

4 diode image refresh rate is low, the high LCD

Too much difference between the two grades, in general, in some images is simple, where more stringent cost control, with the LED displays , such as shopping malls, electronic banking and other services sector prompted windows, streets, department stores, advertising outside the window; and usually for computer LCD monitors, televisions, handheld devices such as high image quality requirements of the occasion.

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