• Is the quality of your product good?
    We attach great importance to product quality, passed the international CE/FCC/ROHS/EMC certification, has a perfect and professional production management system, incoming material testing, sample testing, finished product testing and other links, to ensure the reliability and stability of product quality, to avoid to bring you after-sales maintenance, communication inconvenience and other aspects of trouble.
  • How about your product design?
    Our product seiko design, appearance design novel, keep up with the trend. More refined and stable shape structure, more convenient installation and maintenance design.
  • Are your products expensive?
    Our price is reasonable, I believe you can accept it. At the same time, we believe that the lower price will disturb the market competition, and the product quality and service cannot be guaranteed.
  • Are you regular direct selling manufacturers? Will you pit me?
    Yes, we are a regular direct selling manufacturer, 14 years LED creative custom screen brand manufacturers, not traders or agents. Our company is in Shenzhen, China. You are welcome to visit us.
  • What if I buy your product and don't know how to use it?
    First of all, the customer sales manager and you contact, the whole service for you. After the purchase of the product, we provide detailed installation manuals and tutorials, you can install yourself, if you encounter problems, you can arrange technical engineers to guide the installation video. At the same time, we support engineering staff to travel to the site to help you install.

    After the installation is complete, the operation and use training will be carried out to help you better management, including content editing, replacement, switch screen and so on.
  • Can you deliver the goods on time?
    We have an efficient and perfect system process to ensure that the normal schedule is completed. After signing the contract and paying the down payment, the production is arranged immediately, from production to delivery, which is generally completed within 30 days. Of course, different project sizes and the difficulty of project customization will affect the delivery time to a certain extent, but we will communicate with you specifically and strive to complete the delivery within your required period.