Can the LED transparent screen reach 4K super resolution?

Can the LED transparent screen reach 4K? With the continuous development of technology, the resolution of televisions and display devices is also increasing. 4K resolution has become one of the mainstream standards of LED display, which can show users a more delicate and clear image effect. So, can the LED transparent screen meet this resolution requirement?

First of all, LED transparent screen as a new display technology, the use of transparent materials and LED light strip design structure, so that the screen has transparency, can display transparent and gorgeous images, so that LED transparent screen is widely used in commercial advertising, exhibition display and architectural decoration and other fields. However, achieving 4K ultra resolution is not just a matter of improving transparency or adjusting materials.

Shenzhen Airport LED transparent screen application - Apexls case

In fact, to achieve 4K resolution, the pixel density and fineness of the screen are crucial factors. 4K resolution refers to the number of vertical pixels up to 2,160, the number of horizontal pixels up to 3,840. To achieve such a high pixel density within a limited screen size requires advanced LED packaging technology and the selection of high-precision display panels. For example, the LS series indoor transparent screen promoted by Apexls, the model is P3.125, and the size and area required to achieve 4K resolution are as follows:

The length is 3840×3.125mm=12000mm= 12m
Width 2160×3.125mm=6750mm=6.75m
The area is 12×6.75=81㎡

In addition, the problem of signal transmission and processing needs to be considered. To transmit images with 4K resolution to the LED transparent screen, high-speed and stable signal transmission channels are required, and powerful image processing capabilities are required to ensure image quality. This involves the design and optimization of image transmission and processing chips, as well as the coordination of related hardware and software.

Although the current LED transparent screen technology continues to improve, but to achieve 4K ultra-clear resolution still faces some challenges. At present, most of the LED transparent screen resolution on the market is concentrated in 2K or even lower, which may not be able to meet the demand for some application scenarios with high display requirements. Apexls has the ability to achieve 4K transparent screen, welcome to consult contact!