Apexls 1000㎡ creative LED screen was successfully applied in GAC Science and Technology Museum

The GAC Science and Technology Museum, which was completed this year, integrates the beauty of architecture, nature and science and technology, and is a window to show the charm of Guangzhou's "Smart Car City" and automobile brand culture, and glimpse the Chinese automobile leading the global automobile revolution. At present, it is open to the public for free and has become a popular place for car lovers to punch in, where visitors can understand the leading car "black technology" and feel the strong car brand culture.

Apexls for GAC Science and Technology Museum to create professional LED creative display comprehensive solutions, a number of screen joint presentation, for GAC Science and Technology Museum to provide media publicity window, but also for the brand, public welfare and market activities held from time to time to provide exhibition services, to help GAC Group to achieve high-quality management and operation and brand image output.

General view of GAC Science and Technology Museum                                                                                            General view of GAC Science and Technology Museum 

Enter the Science and Technology Museum
Approaching the Science and Technology Museum, the futuristic design style of the external facade comes to the face, showing the beauty of the combination of architecture and technology. The outdoor 8K ultra HD naked eye 3D corner screen is integrated into it, and the creative three-dimensional image screen is presented, bringing a shocking visual experience.

Outdoor 8K ultra HD naked eye 3D corner screen 383 square meters
                                                                                           Outdoor 8K ultra HD naked eye 3D corner screen 383 square meters  


Entering the museum, the first thing that catches the eye is the display of cool star models and the background screen, the large screen uses a COB small-pitch screen, two transparent LED display screens, ultra-clear picture quality and transparent picture combination display, to show visitors GAC's brand development history, digital twin platform and Ian vehicle operation data.

COB small pitch screen 55 square meters                                                                                               COB small pitch screen 55 square meters

LED Transparent display screen 42 square meters
Transparent LED display screen 42 square meters

Digital block
Come to the digital area, you can intuitively feel GAC Group's digital industrialization results. The four COB small-pitch screens installed in the digital area show the overview of GAC Group's digital operation center, GAC Responsibility, sustainable smart energy ecology and the next generation platform architecture, helping visitors to further understand GAC.

COB small pitch screen 80 square meters
COB small pitch screen 80 square meters 

The combination of the square column ice screen and the sky curtain transparent LED screen not only plays the role of decorative lighting and beautification, but also becomes another important window of GAC Group brand display, which can bring shocking audio-visual experience at the same time, but also help visitors to further deepen the understanding and recognition of GAC Group brand.

Square column transparent LED screen 56 square metersSquare column transparent led screen 56 square meters

transparent led screen 248 square metersTransparent led screen 248 square meters

Power technology district
The Power Technology zone mainly displays GAC's self-developed powertrain technology achievements. The display wall area displays GAC Group's "doubling every five years" performance and development history, and the flexible screen displays the brand slogan and development concept. Visitors can more intuitively feel the rapid development of GAC Group in recent years, as well as the increasing brand influence.

LED flexible screen 10 square meters                                                                                                          LED Flexible screen 10 square meters

Looking ahead area

A series of black technology works displayed in the Future Zone, combined with the stunning visual experience presented by the small-pitch curved screen, vividly demonstrated GAC Group's flying cars, driverless cars and other future vehicle concepts.

Small pitch LED curved screen 75 square metersSmall pitch LED curved screen 75 square meters

As a leading creative display service provider in the industry, Apexls continues to provide customized services of product + display control + system integration + creative content presentation, and has formed a complete ecological chain of creative design, program production, production and installation, and after-sales service. The successful creation of comprehensive display solutions in GAC Science and Technology Museum has brought a new offline brand marketing and display experience, and Apexls will continue to inject vitality into commercial applications, exhibitions and other fields.