To welcome the Hangzhou Asian Games Apexls LED screen light up a number of cities

Hangzhou Asian Games, the curtain will be opened. With the approaching of the Asian Games, the "atmosphere" of the Asian Games in the streets of Hangzhou has been filled, and citizens and tourists can feel the health and vitality brought by sports on the streets.

The 19th Asian Games, the highest standard international multi-sport event in Asia, will be held in Zhejiang from September 23 to October 8. Zhejiang is home to more islands than any other province in China, a World Heritage site called West Lake, and 10 national historical and cultural cities. Apexls displays comprehensive solutions with diversified creativity, promotes the deep integration of culture and tourism, and takes you to know a different Zhejiang.

First stop: Hangzhou

Low Carbon Technology Museum, Hangzhou, China

China's Hangzhou Low-carbon Science and Technology Museum is the world's first large-scale science and technology museum with the theme of low-carbon, and the "low-carbon Earth" in the museum is very striking. This is a 2.5m diameter LED telescopic ball created by Apexls for the museum, which is composed of a number of separately removable boxes into a ball and can be telescopic to help the public understand the low-carbon concept.

Second stop: Jinhua

Jinhua Science and Technology Museum

As the co-host city of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, Jinhua will host the football group stage and rattan ball events of the Asian Games. The "Blue Planet" with a diameter of 5m and a weight of more than 2 tons exhibited by Kangshuo exhibits the evolution of life on Earth in the atrium of Jinhua Science and Technology Museum.

Third stop: Ningbo

Ningbo Lomong Universal City

The first match of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou kicked off in Ningbo. Kangsuo Exhibition for Lomong Universal City to create a "magic ball" (7.2m diameter LED spherical screen) to help Ningbo Lomong Universal City to create a romantic, fantasy, unbridled atmosphere and play experience.

Fourth stop: Jiaxing

Qinshan Nuclear power Science and Technology Museum

Qinshan Nuclear Power Science and Technology Museum is the largest nuclear power science and technology museum in China. Apexls to create a diameter of 8m LED spherical screen - "time and space ball", combined with the air bridge, so that the bridge through the ball, with a great sense of future times and scientific and technological innovation.

Fifth stop: Wenzhou

Wenzhou National University Science and Technology Museum

Wenzhou National University Science Park is the overall deployment of Wenzhou Municipal Committee and municipal government to build Zhejiang science and technology innovation sub-center, and is a state-level university science and technology park. Apexls designed curved screen, flexible strip screen, irregular creative screen and other LED creative display for the park, and the exhibition and broadcasting technology Park provides professional incubation services, supporting services and policy support for innovative and entrepreneurial enterprises.

Wenzhou Wuyue Square

Wenzhou Wuyue Square is a complex urban function center integrating urban life, entertainment, leisure and communication. Apexls for the shopping center to create nearly 90 square meters of double-sided rotating screen, undertake consumer activities and brand exhibition and other functions, to create an immersive experience commercial complex.

Wenzhou Ou Sea planning Exhibition Hall

Ouhai planning exhibition Hall is a set of external publicity, planning, investment, tourism reception, science education and other multi-functional in one comprehensive exhibition hall. Apexls created 149 square meters of LED digital sand table, seamless docking with the physical sand table, perfect integration, a full range of Ouhai development history and city image.

Sixth stop: Lishui

Lishui Landscape City Museum

Lishui Shanshui City Museum is a comprehensive planning museum integrating planning exhibition, popular science education, characteristic tourism, business leisure and other functions. Apexls for the museum to create nearly 450 square meters of LED creative display, including mobile opening and closing door screen, three fold screen, including a number of LED creative screen.

Seventh stop: Shaoxing

Shaoxing Doumen street industrial exhibition hall

Doumen Street, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, has a thousand years of history of Doumen old street, strong ancient rhyme. Apexls for Shaoxing Doumen Street Industrial Exhibition Hall to create a large size L-shaped LED display, through the facade screen and the ground screen jointly present Doumen "industrial characteristics" beautiful town provincial model characteristics.