How to make different diameter LED spherical screen?

Different sizes of LED spherical screen, application and installation methods are different. Similarly, the production method of LED spherical screens of different diameters will also be different. The following are several ways to make LED spherical screens:

For the small spherical screen with a diameter of 1 to 1.5 meters, it is usually used in the indoor field, and the P3 P2 small model product is used, which is suitable for close viewing needs. Hoisting and seat mounting are usually adopted. First of all, the spherical shell steel structure is made, and the flexible soft module is used. The magnetic magnet is installed on the shell steel structure until the whole sphere is covered and the spherical display surface is turned. Usually the finished product is shipped in the production workshop, and the site is directly adjusted and used.

For a medium-sized spherical screen with a diameter of 1.5 to 6 meters, it is suitable for viewing needs at a moderate distance, and is usually hoisted. First of all, the shape of the steel structure, and then the sphere according to the latitude and longitude of the area, such as 8 lines of longitude, 6 lines of latitude, then the sphere is divided into 16×7=112 areas, to the corresponding production of 7 kinds of shaped modules, each module needs 16 pieces. It is then transported to the site with wooden cases for installation.

If the diameter of the large spherical screen is more than 6 meters, it is suitable for remote viewing, because the weight of the whole sphere is heavy, usually the base is fixed to ensure the load-bearing. The steel structure needs to be made at the project site, the special-shaped module is produced in the factory, numbered and packed, and transported to the site for spliced installation. The shape of the special-shaped module usually shows the shape of the outer arc triangle, the outer arc trapezoid, and the outer arc rectangle.

The above is for your reference only. Specific projects should be combined with actual needs. If you happen to have project needs, please contact Apexls for specific installation and production details. In addition, the production of LED spherical screen also needs to consider the selection of LED lamp beads, structural design, content design, installation and maintenance. The cost of the LED spherical screen is usually higher than that of the ordinary screen, in addition to the particularity of the shape customization, it also requires a special LED display control system and shaped processing.