LED cylindrical screen price how much a square? How to choose

Indoor station, meeting room, and shopping mall space, the support column is cylindrical, we can install LED display here to increase the decorative atmosphere or create a special commercial advertising atmosphere. The cylindrical screen displays the curved surface, which can be displayed around 360 degrees, effectively expanding the viewing Angle space, so as to cover more audiences.

LED cylindrical screen price how much a square?
The price of LED cylindrical screen is affected by factors such as brand, specification, size, brightness, use, etc., the price of LED cylindrical screen on the market is between 5000 yuan and 12000 yuan per square meter, if it is P2 and the following pitch products, the price may be even higher.

LED cylindrical screen how to choose?

1. Compare prices
When you are ready to buy LED cylindrical screens, make sure you shop around and research manufacturers to provide products at the right price and with excellent quality. At the same time, the installation cost, transportation cost, maintenance cost and additional function cost of LED cylinder screen manufacturers also need to be taken into account.

Comparing prices will also let you know the general configuration and price of your LED cylinder screen, and you can cooperate with the right manufacturers. It can also help you avoid paying exorbitant fees for the LED cylindrical screen you choose.

Of course, we recommend that more than 15% below the market price, you need to choose carefully. The advantages of cheap can save you costs, but the hidden dangers of product quality and stability are greatly increased. It is important to choose the manufacturer with the right price and excellent products, and at the same time can provide you with quality service and follow-up protection.

2. Shop around for the right manufacturer
Regular brand manufacturers have many benefits, the most important thing is that the product technology is excellent, and the customer's needs and problems are actively responded to and solved:

Better service support: Apexls provides technical support, repair service and warranty coverage. If something goes wrong with your LED cylinder screen, you will feel at ease knowing that your manufacturer is supportive, responsive, and quick to resolve the issue.

More options: Look for LED cylindrical screens to offer a wider range of products, including different sizes, models and features. By looking at product catalogs, technical specifications, and looking at actual products, you'll make a more informed choice.

Compatibility with other systems: Choosing the right brand can ensure that your LED cylindrical screen is compatible with other devices, such as media players, controllers and software.

3. Buy in bulk
Buying LED cylindrical screens in bulk is an effective way to save costs:
Production cost control: small size, pay production labor costs, often relatively more profit margins, many manufacturers are not willing to take over smaller orders of projects. Bulk purchase, for the manufacturer to save production costs, for you, but also in the price can enjoy more concessions.
Volume discounts: Many LED cylinder screen manufacturers offer volume discounts for volume purchases. It could be a percentage of the total price, or it could be a fixed price discount, so the more screens you buy, the closer you are to a smooth negotiation.
Faster turnaround time: By ordering in bulk, you can reduce the turnaround time of your project because you will receive all the LED cylinder screens at once and start installing them almost immediately.
Improved Warranty options: When you buy in bulk, manufacturers will offer a longer warranty option, enabling you to protect your investment and ensure your screen performs its best for years.
Higher scalability: Buying a bulky LED cylindrical screen can prepare you for future projects and provide you with a screen for any new installations you may undertake.
Improved customer service: It can also help you build strong relationships with manufacturers or distributors for 24/7 customer service and support.

Other factors that affect the price and cost of LED cylindrical screens are manufacturers, pixel spacing, use environment, customization options, and so on. Detailed LED cylindrical screen quotation and program, you can consult Apexls, our team is ready to help! We can help you create impactful advertising campaigns with the right budget, while tracking project progress and cost details throughout the process, saving time and worry.