LED display GOB and SMD difference comparison

Is the LED display GOB process mature? In recent years, GOB display has gradually gained popularity and mature development in the LED market. As a new type of LED packaging technology, GOB uses a special optical thermal conductivity nanoscale filling material to fill the gap between the lamp beads in the LED display PCB board, so it effectively enhances the stability of the LED lamp beads, and well solves the problem of dead lights and dropped lights that are prone to occur in the traditional LED display.

Compared to SMD displays, GOB displays have the following obvious advantages:

At present, many LED displays use SMD packaging technology, that is, surface mount packaging, which is mature and widely used. However, SMD packages have problems with dropped and dead lights, resulting in a higher after-sales rate. The reason is that after the LED chip is packaged into a lamp bead, it is welded on the PCB module, and there is a gap between the lamp beads, which is easy to fall off during installation and disassembly.

LED display GOB and SMD display

The following figure shows a GOB display module in a GOB package compared to a PCB module in a conventional SMD table mount package. It can be seen that the latter module has grooves, while the GOB module is filled, there is no gap, as if the interior is filled with a layer of glue.

Therefore, GOB can be viewed as an improvement over existing surface mount packaging techniques. The performance of the GOB display is superior for humid, frequently disassembled environments.

Because the surface of the GOB display is made of a glue-filled material, all the beads are glued together. Even in the case of water touching the surface of the display, it will not affect normal use. In some seaside cities or the rainy season, due to the high humidity of the indoor air, the GOB display can effectively protect the internal circuit and achieve the effect of moisture resistance.

In addition, the GOB display has better crash-resistance, especially in the case of minor collisions. Traditional LED displays are prone to lamp loss problems, especially rental screens that often need to be removed. The GOB display will not affect the surrounding lamp beads when it is impacted, which has high stability and is not easy to drop the lamp.