LED display P3, P4 and P5 difference, which is better?

P3, P4 and P5 are the three common models of LED display, LED display P3, P4 and P5 difference? The three models of display technology differ in terms of pixel density, resolution and price. Take a look below:

First, the P3 display has a higher pixel density of 111111 points/square meter. This means that on a display of the same size, the P3 can present a more delicate and sharper image, compared to the P4 and P5, which have a relatively low pixel density and resolution of 62,500 points/square meter and 40,000 points/square meter, respectively, and the image detail and color performance will be slightly inferior.

However, which LED display is better depends on the specific use scenario. If you need to present a detailed image at a close viewing distance, such as an indoor billboard, a stage background, etc., then the high pixel density and resolution of the P3 will be more suitable. It can provide a clearer and more realistic visual effect, which is more appealing to the audience's eye. For situations where content needs to be displayed at a longer viewing distance, such as outdoor billboards, stadiums, etc., P4 and P5 displays may be more appropriate. Despite their lower pixel density and resolution, they can still achieve a good visual experience at a longer viewing distance.

In addition, cost is also an important consideration when choosing a display. In general, the P3 display price is relatively high, and the P4 and P5 are relatively low. Therefore, P4 and P5 may be a more affordable option in a limited budget situation.

In addition, the decision of P3 and P4, P5 which is better, but also depends on its specific configuration, such as the use of high-end brand lamp beads, its stability is certainly better than the non-well-known brand lamp beads, the late dead lamp rate will be reduced, the product service life is longer.

Therefore, only compare the resolution and clarity, obviously P3 display effect will be better. But if you look more deeply at their respective application, composition of raw materials, prices, then the clarity of the difference is not very important, because long-term stable use and cost issues are also critical. Therefore, LED display P3, P4 and P5 which is good, is not a simple description of the problem, according to the actual needs of reasonable choice, the most matched product is the best. If you have relevant application needs, please contact Apexls to provide tailor-made and customized comprehensive solutions.