LED spherical screen resolution how many appropriate?

As a new creative display technology, LED spherical screen is widely used in science and technology museum, museum, exhibition hall, indoor commercial space and other fields. LED spherical screen resolution how many appropriate? How to choose the right resolution becomes an important problem for customers. The following Apexls for you to share:

First of all, we need to clarify what is the LED spherical screen resolution. LED spherical screen resolution refers to the number of pixels per unit area on the screen, that is, pixel density. The higher the pixel density, the more delicate and clear the image that the screen can present. However, the resolution is not the higher the better, higher resolution is usually accompanied by higher costs, need to be selected according to the actual application scenario.

                                                                      Diameter 6 meters P6 LED spherical screen

The following are common LED spherical screen models and pixel density:
Type        Pixel Density
P2.5     160000 points /㎡
P3        111111 points /㎡
P4        62500 points /㎡
P5        40,000 points /㎡
P6        27777 points /㎡

For example, the 1-meter diameter, model P2.5 spherical screen. According to the area calculation formula S=D square ×π (area S, diameter D, π=3.14), you can calculate the area S=1×1×3.14=3.14 square meters. The resolution is 160000×3.14=502400 points

The best resolution of LED spherical screen depends on the use scenario. Generally, the P3 or P4 model is recommended for indoor scenarios. For an outdoor scene, you are advised to use the P5 or P6 model to ensure clear content expression.

All in all, choosing the right LED spherical screen resolution needs to consider factors such as viewer distance, screen size, display content and budget. There is no absolute standard answer, only tradeoffs and choices based on actual needs. Therefore, when buying LED spherical screens, consumers can consult Apexls to understand various resolution characteristics and applicable scenarios as well as prices in order to make an informed decision.