Apexls sincerely invite you to visit the CHINA (UAE) TRADE FAIR 2019

CHINA (UAE) TRADE FAIR 2019 will grandly open on December 17, 2019 in Dubai World Trade Centre, As the large-scale and widely-affected industry event for audio-visual buyers and sellers, it brings together audiovisual technologies and solutions for applications in education and training, transportation, security, medical, entertainment, architecture, corporate and government sectors.


Apexls (Booth No: XS205) will bring several Creative LED Display products to show on the booth as follows, give you a different visual feast.


P3mm Sphere LED Display

1.With several Invention & Utility Model Patents;

2.Customized PCB design, seamless connection;

3.Pixel Pitch and Diameter can be customized;

4.Both Synchronous & Asynchronous control;

5.Aluminum structure, good heat dissipation and high stability.

 Apexls sincerely invite you to visit the CHINA (UAE) TRADE FAIR 2019

Indoor P4mm Flexible LED Display

Customized flexible PCB design and rubber mask and shell frame;

High gray scale and refresh rate design;

Suitable for stage background, showroom, meeting room for curved display;

Magnet design ensure the convenient installation;

High stability, reliability and safety.


 Apexls sincerely invite you to visit the CHINA (UAE) TRADE FAIR 2019


COB display

Model: P0.9 / P1.2 \ P1.5 \ P1.9


1.Pixel out of control rate is lower, the cumulative failure rate is less than one tenth of the conventional SMD technology;

2.The product can run stably. Even if there is a need for maintenance, it only needs to replace a single display unit, which is simple to operate, fast to maintain and low in cost.

4.Through PCB board heat dissipation, heat dissipation area is larger, is conducive to extend the using life of high definition LED display;

5.The screen surface is smooth and neat,  color difference smaller, good consistency  and has the surface waterproof, dustproof, anti-collision and other advantages;

6.Through chip - level packaging, much better optical performance, the picture quality is more comfortable and vivid.

Apexls sincerely invite you to visit the CHINA (UAE) TRADE FAIR 2019




Transparent LED display

Model: P3.91*7.81 \ P7.81 \ P10.416


High brightness transparency:over 75% transparency keeps the brightness of the sunlight through the glass,

Transparency displaying:Can display the video effect to the audience outside, make the video floating on the glass

Energy saving:without cooling system to help the heat dissipation, save energy;

Cost Saving:  No need extra complicated structure,  lower down the transporting and installing cost 

Apexls sincerely invite you to visit the CHINA (UAE) TRADE FAIR 2019

Welcome to visit our booth to know more about our Creative LED Display products.


CHINA (UAE) TRADE FAIR 2019                                                     

Location:Dubai World Trade Center, UAE        

Booth No:  XS205 Hall 1

Show time:  17 ~ 19th  December 2019