Apexls 650 square meters outdoor LED screen light up Shenzhen software industry base

Shenzhen Software Industry Base, located in Nanshan, Shenzhen, is one of the key projects of the strategic emerging industry cluster built by the Shenzhen Municipal Government in the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan". The core science and technology belt of "China Silicon Valley" has 1000+ high-tech enterprises, 212 industrial parks, 187 listed enterprises, and the number of commuters ranks first in Shenzhen.

Shenzhen Bay Science Park

Apexls for Shenzhen software industry base to create professional outdoor LED advertising screen solutions, 6 pieces of LED outdoor large screen series science and technology park traffic, occupy the golden position of science and technology park. It is 1 km away from Coastal City and Vientiane City business district, covering Shenzhen Bay Science Park, Shenzhen University and many nearby commercial plazas, and achieving full coverage of the core area of Nanshan.

The location of the LED outdoor large screen is eye-catching, the picture is gorgeous, the picture quality is clear, and the advertising effect is good, which is the best choice for various types of high-quality large customer advertising. The large screen is also used for the publicity and display of the park brand exhibition, development policies and other content, to help the software industrial park base brand efficient management and operation.

Shenzhen Bay business square LED advertising screen

The North-South corridor is located on the main road of traffic, facing Xuefu Road, close to Shenzhen Bay Entrepreneurial Square, as well as the entrance and exit of the bus terminal, office building, etc., the traffic flow is dense throughout the day, the traffic flow is large, inside and outside a total of 4 LED advertising screens, each large screen area of 130 square meters, good viewing line of sight, large coverage, good vision without shelter, excellent advertising effect.

Software industry base LED advertising screen

The location of the LED advertising screen in the software industry base is facing Keyuan Road, the media covers the core high net worth population in the Bay Area, and the headquarters of various industries nearby are gathered. LED advertising screen area of 65 square meters, playback screen HD gorgeous, strong eye-catching, advertising effect is obvious.

Entrepreneurial meeting room LED advertising screen

Entrepreneurial meeting room LED advertising screen is close to Shenzhen Bay Entrepreneurial Square, which is the world's top makers and entrepreneurs gathering area. The large screen occupies the core area, the screen body area is 68 square meters, the playing effect is obvious, and the advertising value has great potential.

Apexls LED advertising screen is widely popular in the field of commercial display, and has created many excellent practical cases. The LED outdoor large screen of the Apexls lights up the Shenzhen Bay Software Industrial Park, helping to create a new landmark in Shenzhen. Apexls will also continue to innovate and expand the application scenarios of outdoor advertising screens, help more urban business districts and landmarks glow with new vitality, and add luster to urban commercial advertising.