What are the advantages of immersive LED display applications

Various industries are building immersive experience pavilions, immersive experience museums, immersive experience theaters, immersive experience games, and so on. Among them, it is applied to the LED immersive large screen to attract more users through personalized experience. So what does an immersive LED display mean? What are the advantages and disadvantages of immersive LED display?

What is an immersive LED display?
Immersive LED display is a kind of LED large screen as a display medium, combined with advanced technical means, such as helmet display , glove display, AR (augmented reality), VR(virtual reality), etc., to create a multidimensional and three-dimensional display environment, the user's vision, hearing, touch and other senses are immersed in the virtual world. For an immersive experience.

LED immersive large screen media include: XR virtual shooting screen, ball screen flying theater, LED floor tile screen, LED transparent screen and other types. In large project applications, multiple screens are often used for joint presentation. The "immersive" display has a very high requirement for the display effect of the LED display. Kangshuo Exhibition LED display with high refresh rate, high resolution, high fluency and other advantages, in all kinds of exhibition halls and other scenes are popular.

Immersive LED display benefits

Custom video footage
Customized materials can closely link the relationship between people and space, giving the experiencer a unique sense of immersion. In addition, the video resolution of the customized video footage can be consistent with the full screen resolution of the LED display, so as to achieve point-to-point playback, and the image is not deformed or distorted, ensuring the display quality from the root.

High definition high brush, excellent display
LED display HD high brush, dynamic energy-saving super brush chip, ultra high refresh rate ≥3840Hz, low brightness also do not lose the display details, presenting a delicate and natural picture, so that the immersive experience screen always presents a high definition picture.

Seamless splicing, flat as a mirror
The LED display module is consistent and can be perfectly connected, so that the large screen is flat like a mirror, and has a realistic and excellent display effect, which is easy to create an immersive space beauty and further enhance the user's visual experience.

Flexible combination, visual extension
The LED display is composed of a small module, with the characteristics of "small module, large display", which can not only easily achieve 2K, 4K and even 8K high-definition display, but also flexibly create a variety of shapes to meet the needs of different scenes.