What is a COB LED display? What are the advantages

The COB LED display refers to the LED display of the COB packaging process (Chips on Board), which is to directly integrate the light-emitting chip on the PCB board, achieving a compact structure and high integration.

Conventional small-pitch display, using SMD surface paste process, this process limits it can not break through the point spacing below P1.2, therefore, in the field of indoor ultra-high-definition applications, conventional small-pitch screen has certain limitations. In order to break this limitation, the COB display was born, so that it can achieve the point spacing below P1.0, which has unparalleled advantages in the field of ultra-high-definition display.

COB LED display advantages
Point spacing: This is a measure of the number of LED beads per unit area of the COB display. COB point spacing is usually below P2, covering a variety of different values, such as P1.9, P1.5, P1.2, P0.9 and so on.
Excellent display: The COB LED display is excellent at displaying detail and color reproduction, and can present a more realistic and delicate image effect
Stable play: The LED chip is welded directly on the circuit board, and the shell mask is highly protective, which is good for preventing collision and bumping. At the same time, COB process has lower thermal resistance and better life performance.
Ultra HD: Compared to conventional small-pitch displays, COB LED displays offer higher resolution display options, especially for indoor 8K ultra HD applications, thanks to advances in COB packaging processes and technologies.
Multi-purpose: COB displays are widely used in situations requiring high resolution, high brightness and high contrast, such as large TV walls, indoor and outdoor billboards, and a variety of display and monitoring environments.
Technology iteration: With the passage of time and the development of technology, the resolution of COB LED display is also constantly improving, providing clearer visual effects, and with the popularity of market applications, the price will also fall.