Flexible Module LED Display
To solve the problems which regular modules can't achieve, flexible modules are invented to create some irregular distorted, lightweight or curved Led screens.
XR Video LED Display

Apexls’ XR Video LED display, specially design for the film industry and XR applications, to create a suitable canvas for movie production, The XR LED screen can be built into any size and shape.The LED panel, video processor and camera working together to achieve amazing video effects. Bring unlimited creativity and effectively, improve the efficiency to film and television program production.

Creative LED Display

Apexls is a well-known creative LED display manufacturer in China, providing R&D and creative LED display customization services for global artists, designers, architects and system integrators, and enjoys a high reputation in the LED display industry. According to your project needs, to customize a variety of shapes and sizes, welcome your contact and consultation!

Conventional LED Display

APEXLS conventional LED display includes: Indoor LED display, Outdoor LED display,  LED rental screen. These products have a good shape design, perfect curves, ergonomic aesthetic design, high-precision splicing, flat screen body, display effect HD. Especially suitable for meeting rooms, shopping malls, outdoor advertising, stage rental and other fields.

COB Micro LED Display

APEXLS COB LED display adopts the world's third-generation COB display technology, which has higher waterproof and anti-impact performance, and the picture quality is more HD and better contrast. Products more reliable, durable, not easy to damage. The overall shape design is more excellent, full of beauty, and the design of quick installation and maintenance is also prominent.

Fine Pixel Pitch LED Display
APLEXS provides ultra-Fine pixel pitch LED display with small spacing, excellent appearance design, light weight, thin thickness, and easy installation. The ultra-high definition image can perfectly present details, and the visual effect of advertising is good. It is applied in indoor meeting rooms, commercial displays, and other fields. We can customize solutions according to your needs, including product selection, installation, system control, and content presentation. We help you achieve this and provide the most suitable solution.
Curtain LED Display
The Curtain LED Display of APEXLS adopts the light strip filling process, outdoor waterproof, hollow structural design, with high permeability, providing better vision and lighting than the traditional screen when installed. And the structure is light in weight, 65% lighter than the traditional LED display. The product quality is good, the display effect is stable, and it is applied to the exterior wall of the building, the roof and the large billboard.
Transparent LED Display
APEXLS Transparent LED display adopts hollow structure, the product is light, thin and transparent, providing high-quality visual effects. The glass curtain wall can be turned into an LED video wall to develop a highly valuable outdoor advertising space. Used in indoor vitrines, commercial Spaces and other locations to promote the brand.
Rental LED Display
Apexls LED rental display, the use of lightweight design concept, controller and power use modular design, easy to install and maintain, convenient for all kinds of stage performance applications. At the same time, the LED rental screen uses backup power current sharing, anti-collision PCB, etc., which is durable. Used in concerts, TV programs, commercial exhibitions and other occasions.
Floor LED Display

Apexls LED floor screen is an LED display technology applied to the ground, with high intensity pressure, convenient for shopping malls, stages, bars, science and technology museums and other fields. It can be upgraded to an interactive LED floor screen, which uses interactive technology to bring the audience into the display scene, thus becoming more experiential and interesting.